on mythologizing

from the letters of Duncan and Levetov: #576

“these are all tales that were telling, and as here and now, as immediate to my consciousness (revelations of my life experience, my own ‘story’) as light, leaves, answering eyes, whatever factors of the actual. ‘Telling’ and ‘stirring’ — here then there is the sense of arousing the content of unconscious alliances in the context of the objects of consciousness. But ‘stirring’ can mean too the stirring up of consciousness which can be sluggish and inert and spring into life wen toucht. A key may unlock a notion of what we are aware of but neglect in feeling.” (R.D.)

seems to relate to Zukofsky’s idea of “international worth” and Williams’ idea of “the universal in the local”

also, a way to commune different from Levertovian communication


2 thoughts on “on mythologizing

  1. I see in the rantings a hubris being; a sadness
    devoid of experimental adventure, sadly wrapped in
    boarding school logic, endlessly chattering about

    So, humanely…I offer a
    strong dose of flesh and blood Reality, with a Blog.

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