Manifesto Pau-Brazil 2

A nunca exportação de poesia. A poesia anda oculta nos cipós maliciosos da sabedoria. Nas lianas da saudade universitária.

(The non-exportation of poetry. Poetry walks mystically in the malicious vines of knowledge. In the vines of academic desire.

Mas houve um estouro nos aprendimentos. Os homens que sabiam tudo se deformaram como borrachas sopradas. Rebentaram.

(Yet it possesses explosions of understanding. The men who supposedly knew everything strained like balloons. They ruptured.)

[borrachas sopradas: lit. rubbers blown. at first i thought, “blown tires/wheels” – then settled on balloons for the explosion!]

A volta à especialização. Filósofos fazendo filosofia, críticos, critica, donas de casa tratando de cozinha.

(The return to specialization. Philosophers making philosophy, critics, criticism, mistresses deal with the kitchen.)

A Poesia para os poetas. Alegria dos que não sabem e descobrem.

(Poetry for the poets. Joy of what they do not know and discover.)

Tinha havido a inversão de tudo, a invasão de tudo : o teatro de tese e a luta no palco entre morais e imorais. A tese deve ser decidida em guerra de sociólogos, de homens de lei, gordos e dourados como Corpus Juris.

(It possessed the inversion of everything, the invasion of everything : the theatre of thesis and the on-stage fight between the moral and immoral. The thesis shall be resolved by war with sociologists, men of law, fat and golden like Corpus Juris.)

[Corpus Juris: body of law: It was originally used by the Romans for several of their collections of all the laws in a certain field.]

Ágil o teatro, filho do saltimbanco. Agil e ilógico. Ágil o romance, nascido da invenção. Ágil a poesia.

(Agile theatre, son of saltimbanco. Attentive and illogical. Agile romance, born of invention. Agile poetry.)

[Saltimbanco:lit, acrobat. Also, a dance Cirque de Soleil, that is a celebration of life. Conceived as an antidote to the violence and despair so prevalent in the 20th century, this phantasmagoria offers up a new vision of urban life, overflowing with optimism and joy. Saltimbanco is anything but linear; rather, it is a kaleidoscope, a whirlwind, an adventure in which anything can happen. Saltimbanco has its own special language, and its spirit is conveyed through voice, movement and music.

The framework of Saltimbanco, the characters, like all human beings, are born with nothing. These are the Worms, at the very base of society. All similar in appearance yet different one from the other, they must with time adapt themselves to their environment. Thus, as the show goes on, they embody various types of social characters, hoping to one day accede to the rank of Baroque, a cast of visionaries. The Baroques constitute the most important family in the world of Saltimbanco. Armed with a deeply perceptive vision of the world and sleeping under bridges, the Baroques, throughout the fable, reveal the countless contradictions of our civilization where imagination has not yet taken power.]

A poesia Pau-Brasil. Ágil e cândida. Como uma criança.

(Wood-Brazil poetry. Agile and pure. Like a child.)


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