‘from my nerves’

finished reading “Darkness Moves: An Henri Michaux Anthology: 1927-1984” translated by David Ball. a collection full of wonders that i will have to post on little by little since there is such rich diversity throughout the work.

strangely, I wanted to start with the “Afterword: How I wrote ‘My Properties’…” (1934) (I will post on “My Properties” tomorrow).

“None of the willed imagination of the professionals. No themes, developments, construction, or method. On the contrary, only the imagination that comes from the inability to conform.

These pieces, without preconceived connections, were written lazily from day to day, following my needs, the way it came, without pushing, following the wave, always attending to what was most pressing, in a slight wavering of truth — never to construct, simply to preserve.


Anybody can write My Properties.
Even the invented words, even the invented animals in this book were invented ‘from my nerves,’ and not constructed according to what I think about language and animals.”


what do you think?


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