"Elsewhere" 1

Here is the preface to Michaux’s collection “Elsewhere” (1936-46)-

Preface to “Elsewhere”

“The author has often lived elsewhere: two years in Garaband, about the same in the Land of Magic, a bit less in Poddema. Or a lot more. There are no precise dates.

He did not always particularly like these countries. Here and there, he nearly got used to them. Not really. When it comes to countries, the more one distrusts them the better.

He came back home after each trip. His resistance isn’t infinite.

Some readers have found these countries a bit strange. That won’t last. The impression is already fading.

He who sought to escape the World becomes its translator, too. Who can escape? The container is closed.

You’ll see: these countries are perfectly natural after all. Soon they will be encountered everywhere… Natural as plants, insects, natural as hunger, habit, age, custom, customs, as the presence of the unknown bordering on the known. Behind that which is, which nearly was, which intended to be, threatened to be, and which among millions of ‘possibles’ began to be, but was unable to settle completely…”


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