white nights

this is a painting of oswald de andrade (by tarsila do amaral – pictured), whose “Brazilwood Poetry Manifesto,” (1924) i’ve been translating and annotating for the past few months and am almost done! i have been working with Jennifer Frota (a poet/translator/superstar), who is the co-director of the Brazilian Cultural Immersion program a few posts down (GO LOOK THERE). I have to present this project to my International poetry class next week. also, chris daniels has a link to a translated and annotated version of oswald’s more famous “anthropophagy manifesto” (1928). Both manifestoes are provocative in problematizing modernism’s aesthetic colonial divide.

at work on friday (i teach writing/reading/ESL at a learning center for immigrant children) – my fifth grade class had to write a paragraph on their first day of school. one student wrote:

“On my first of kindergarten, I met my best friend Becky. I had just moved to America so she translated everything to teacher said to me. We have been best friends ever since.”

sooo cute. anyways, today i have decided to go to st.petersburg this summer (russia not florida). one of my poems was a finalist in the Summer Lit. Seminars Contest and that earned a scholarship. Ann Lauterbach is teaching the poetry workshop and they have a Dostoevsky tour, like walking from Raskolnikov’s apartment to the old lady’s house (i am excited about this because i wrote my undergrad thesis on ethics/aesthetics in Dostoevsky). the ticket is a lot more expensive then usual, on account of the world cup, but once in a lifetime so. check out the link to SLS, they have their contest for the KENYA seminar going on right now.

so, i’ve only read Mayakovsky, Aygi, and Yevtushenko, and just got back from MOE’s with Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva. does anyone have any other recommendations????

so besides watching my kings get whooped by 40 points, i am working on a long poem about my grandfather’s life and his experience during world war 2 in forced labor camps on guam. it is a difficult piece to write, and has been a difficult process interviewing him, especially since he has been very ill lately, in-and-out of the hospital. i’ll post more on this poem when it’s done…

anyways, just a reminder, check the last post for the “FINISH LINE” game…Francios is still in the lead with 2 points, gelsinger with 1. AND ALSO JOIN THE “CAN THE SUBALTERN BLOG” comment section discussion. it’s so fascinating i can hardly breathe.


One thought on “white nights

  1. Craig, I would love to get the Andrade manifesto (Chris has it in English translation?) — could you possibly post the link? thank so much, Judith

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