The Lone Mountain School

Finished my last class for my MFA at USF on wednesday…international poetry and poetics with Paul Hoover. my classmates gave wonderful presentations on Pessoa, Marinetti, Artaud, Juderlund, Celan, Prassimos, Paz, and I did Oswald de Andrade’s Brazilwood Poetry Manifesto, which I translated (with the amazing Jennifer Frota) and annotated. It was an exciting class all semester, and nice in conjunction with the American poetry and poetics class last semester with Rob Halpern.

After class, I was sad that this experience has come to an end. I am grateful to all my teachers: Aaron Shurin, Rusty Morrison, Rob, Paul, Truong Tran, Susan Gevirtz, Anne Barrows, and Doug Powell — all of whom made my experience at The Lone Mountain School unforgettable. I am endlessly appreciative.

as for bloglanders, does anyone have any advice/words of wisdom for life after the MFA?????


2 thoughts on “The Lone Mountain School

  1. RE: Life after the MFA

    Just keep writing. Seriously, it’s that difficult and that simple. All the rest will happen – all the life that happens around and intermingled with the writing will happen whether or not you are writing, so: just keep writing. After Major Project is done, allow yourself a break, allow some down time, but then find a way to write again. Write in a way that has nothing to do with school or assignments or other people. Write for yourself. Then find out how to include others. I did, and I’m writing more now than I did when I was in the program – maybe fewer poems, but more in general, and I feel better about what I’m writing. I do miss the workshops though!

  2. Salud Mr. Santos Perez,

    I’m a young aspiring (starving) storyteller sitting in Madison, Wisconsin with an acceptance letter to the USF MFA program next to me on the dinner table. The prospect of embarking west to San Fran and pursuing writing with the guidance of a workshop both thrills and terrifies me. Is it the right place? Is it my place to write? Is it a dream come true or just a ruse?

    I’m reaching out to simply ask for your thoughts on the program as an alum. The emerald city is foreign to me and a visit to campus is due in the next couple of weeks. But I’m trying to reach out to folks of the MFA, both past and present.

    How was your experience at USF? Both overall and specifically for your writing. Any advice or wisdom? This is my first leap into grad school, so questions and wonders fill my head.

    anxious in the dairy land,
    Alejandro Alonso Galva

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