My H.D. Book 2

they continue to prophesy
from the stone papyrus:

there, as here, ruin opens
the tomb, the temple; enter,
there as here, there are no doors:

the shrine lies open to the sky,
the rain falls, here, there
sand drifts; eternity endures:

ruin everywhere, yet as the fallen roof
leaves the sealed room
open to the air,

so, through our desolation,
thoughts stir, inspiration stalks us
through gloom:

unaware, Spirit announces the Presence […]

from “The Walls Do Not Fall” [1]

In this passage, the here / there become intertwined both rhythmically and spatially. The poem exists within the vortex of the here / there in order to break down the walls of past and present and to open the necessary simultaneity. The imperative to “enter” this simultaneity in which “there are no doors” invites the reader into a space that is surrounded by ruin and “our desolation”, yet opened to the “sealed room” of thoughts and inspiration where “Spirt announces the Presence.” The premise of this section is that eternity endures despite the passing of time from “rails gone (for guns)” and the changing landscape of the “old town square.” Also, the “incidents” have now become symbolic of “ruin everywhere” and in this hopelessness H.D. points us to the redemptive character of ruin, opening the “sealed room” through poetry.

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