H.D. Blog 18: "and they are amber and they are fire"

first wanted to point to two of the most engrossing blogs i have come around in a while so CHECK THEM OUT:

arif khan @ http://arifkhan00.blogspot.com

and gladys @ http://makeweight.blogspot.com

* Also, to the comments in the last post “the cristos image” – the questions posed at the end of that post are i think central to “Trilogy” and i hope others will join the discussion there.

Finally, today’s post is short…section [19] – one of the few times (maybe the only here) that H.D. mentions by name another artist (the painting she is referring to is up above); ENJOY!

He might even be the authentic Jew
stepped out from Velasquez;

those eye-lids in the Velasquez
are lowered over eyes

that open, would daze, bewilder
and stun us with the old sense of guilt

and fear, but the terror of those eyes
veiled in their agony is over;

I assure you that the eyes
of Velasquez’ crucified

now look straight at you,
and they are amber and they are fire.


One thought on “H.D. Blog 18: "and they are amber and they are fire"

  1. hey, just caught this. thanks for the shout out, craig! and thanks for the h.d. posts — keep ’em coming! i’ll be going back to them once i start my own reading of h.d., which i have to postpone for a bit. yr posts are still helpful, though, so thanks!

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