HD Blog 21: "Take me home…"

Two sections posted below. A game: i see references to Whitman, Keats, Moses, and Zukofsky…who can guess the words/phrases related inferentially to these writers. For each right answer, I will donate $1 to the Glittering Guys Recovery Foundation. Peace.


Now my right hand,
now my left hand

clutch your curled fleece;
take me home, take me home,

my voice wails from the ground;
take me home, Father;

pale as the worm in the grass,
yet I am a spark

struck by your hoof from a rock:
Amen, you are so warm,

hide me in your fleece,
crop me up with the new-grass;

let your teeth devour me,
let me be warm in your belly,

the sun-disk,
the re-born Sun.


Take me home
where canals

flow between iris-banks:

where the heron
has her nest:

where the mantis
prays on the river-reed:

where the grasshopper says
Amen, Amen, Amen.


4 thoughts on “HD Blog 21: "Take me home…"

  1. hmm…quick shot:

    Whitman – left and right hands, “worm in the grass”
    Keats – fleece & grasshopper
    Moses – “take me home, Father”


    pure guess: Zukofsky – praying mantis

  2. I’m using my knowledge of the Heston classic 10 Commandments…
    “prays on the river-reed:

    where the grasshopper says
    Amen, Amen, Amen…”

    de Moses?

  3. great answers and thanks for playing!!!

    was def. thinking zukofsky for the mantis
    whitman for the grass (the left and right hands i had not thought of)
    interesting, both your answers for Moses works, and i was also thinking about the striking of the rock.

    for keats i was thinking the “spark” as in his veil of soulmaking letter (sparks of intelligence) – maybe i remember it wrong…

    $2 to the Glittering Guys!

    Jason, are you back in town??? call me…

  4. Hey – I got your comment over at my blog & am replying at random here. You’ve got a great annotation going for the Trilogy poems. Have you done the angels yet?

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