interlude: romare bearden

(bearden, Sunset Limited, 1978)

an interlude to say that mephistophales will be guest annotating the next two sections of the HD BLOG. if anyone else would like to guest annotate, let me know…


also, seth has more chapter of his podcast novel up…check it out and go to his blog and say hello…


on a personal note, did i mention i turned in my thesis!!! no more MFA to work on so i’ve been trying to finish a few other projects i started and never finished, and to start some new projects…So my poem called “unalterable” (a response to a film still of HD in the film Borderline) was accepted by Face Time! how exciting. i finished another poem i had been working on called “st sebastian” — an erasure of an ancient medical journal…and i submitted it to h-ngm-n, so maybe they will accept it. i also finished a series of poems called “Bedroom Grammar”, all collage poems revolving around sex and grammar: a story of two characters and it is pretty humorous — any chapbook editors out there want to take a look or know of a place that might like it, let me know…am also almost done with an essay on Whitman and post-colonial ethnography…AND i finally gave up on an essay i was trying write on Rimbaud, Kierkegaard, and the Comprachicos. maybe i will post that essay here at some point since it is a lost cause…

as far as new projects, i am starting a journal with a few peeps in the east bay and was wondering if anyone had any advice: regarding publishing, distributing, marketing, funding, soliciting, submissions, web presence, websites, etc…

don’t forget, i will be reading at USF for the MFA reading series on wednesday…it will be the best 5 minutes of your life 😉


(Profile/Part I, The Twenties: Pittsburgh Memories, Farewell Eugene, 1978)

FINALLY, to the title of this post. I just finished re-reading Cane, by Jean Toomer, and for the first time, The Collected Poems of Sterling Brown. The covers of both books featured the artist Romare Bearden, who i have really begun to like. So, i posted some of his paintings (the first painting that begins this post is the cover of Cane) as well as the Brown cover because i could find that particular piece. ENJOY and let me know what you think about his paintings.

(Morning of Red Bird, 1975)

Here is a short bio of him from WIKI:

Romare Bearden (September 2, 1911, in Charlotte, North Carolina – March 11, 1988 in New York, New York) was an African American artist. Although he was born in Charlotte, Bearden’s family soon moved to Pittsburgh and subsequently settled in Harlem, New York. His mother was a social activist and the editor of the African-American newspaper the Chicago Defender. As a result Bearden was exposed to a wide variety of artists involved in the Harlem Renaissance. His works are often collages or photomontages.

Bearden graduated from New York University with a degree in education, but almost immediately began working as a cartoonist for publications that included Collier’s and the Saturday Evening Post. He studied under German artist George Grosz at the Art Students’ League in 1936 and 1937. Shortly thereafter he began the first of his stints as a case worker for the New York Department of Social Services. During World War II, Bearden was in the US Army, serving from 1942 until 1945. During the 1940’s, his style combined African culture and symbols with a stylized realism. Paintings such as his 1948, The Family demonstrate his interest in cubism and the influence that the style had on his work. After a stay in Paris, Bearden’s work became more abstract, using layers of oil paint to produce muted, hidden effects. During the 1960’s civil rights movement, his focus shifted again, to collage, considered his best work. An excellent example is his 1963 series of collages, Prevalence of Ritual.

5 thoughts on “interlude: romare bearden

  1. Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you did so because now I found you, too. Of course you can throw in a link of my blog in here, and I’ll do the same linking you to mine.

    I’m moving to San Francisco beginning of October. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to watch you read! 🙂

    Congratulations on your thesis!

    Warm Greetings,
    Cecilia Borromeo

  2. Hi!

    Just dropping a note to thank you for visiting my blog. Congrats on finishing your MFA at USF! Unfortunately I’ll be working Wednesday afternoon into night (in SF.), but have fun and enjoy it!

    Bearden’s artwork and Toomer’s writing definitly merged very well.

    Feel free to link my blog to your site, which is

    And good luck on all your projects, look forward to following your progress on your blog!


  3. cecilia, thanks and good luck on your move!!!

    kayin, thanks, bearden and toomor do seem to complement each other!

    thanks for the comments!

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