interlude: galatea resurrects + MFA reading

wanted to let everyone know that i have two reviews over at galatea resurrects, an online journal of poetry reviews / engagements. They are more like essays than reviews: one is on Cecilia Vicuna’s Unravelling Words and the Weaving of Water, and the other is on Rob Wilson’s chapbook Pacific Postmodern. Both of these texts (theirs not mine) are thoughtful and engaging so check them out if you get a chance…

my less thoughtful and engaging reviews can be found here and here

read them, comment over at galatea, and then come back here and let me know what you think…also, check the blogroll and let me know if your name got cut so i can relink.


tonight was the final USF reading and it was wonderful to share with everyone and to hear everyone’s work. got to hear fellow lone mountaineer ALEXANDRA MATTRAW, a poet that everyone should keep their eye on…i read a piece called “aerial roots” that seemed to go over well…anyhoo, here are some pics of me reading…and the last pic and me and AARON SHURIN (if you don’t know his work, you should check it out — i especially like his “Involuntary Lyrics” from Omnidawn…


8 thoughts on “interlude: galatea resurrects + MFA reading

  1. Your are now linked on Paper Tigers. I’m sure it will not cost you too much popularity.

  2. that’s a great pic, craig….that last one…

    looking forward to reading your review…thanks for the links…


  3. Thanks for visiting my site and inviting me to check out yours. I’d be honored to link up to you and will do so shortly. I enjoyed your pictures, especially the ball cap. I just lost mine. I think I left it in my intro to films class earlier this week. Next time I’ll wear it when I lecture and think of your reading!

  4. Congratulations Craig…I’m so happy for you and your success. You look wonderful and I’m sure you were amazing in your reading again. I’m so glad that you’re doing good. I wish that I could have been there to see you…

  5. You are linked to me now, darlin’!! Love your blog(s) and I’m so glad our paths have crossed… Kindly, Y 😀

  6. thanks two.
    julie, it was on my blog! but i didnt push it too much because i only had 5 minutes to read, so it was quite a long way to go for s short reading.
    yemanja, thanks! i will link up soon!

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