interlude: a game with prizes!

so i am going camping this weekend and will be back on monday…thought i would post a game that all can play while i’m gone! i used to be a photographer, so i have posted a few of my black and white photographs below…you have to guess the location of each photograph…you can guess EITHER the country, state, city, locale, etc…as specific as you can…if you guess all of locations correctly, i will send you a prize!!! GOOD LUCK and have a nice weekend!


16 thoughts on “interlude: a game with prizes!

  1. 1. Looks like Montana
    2. Arizona
    3. Spain
    3. I’d say Normandy
    4. Italy
    5. Ugh … Utah?
    6. Oregon
    7. Doesn’t look like the Alps, so I’d say Montana again.
    8. Washington State?

  2. thanks ben and russell! but why didnt you guys guess: this is a game with REAL prizes involved!


    1. YES, montana
    3. no
    4. no
    5. YES, italy
    6. no
    7. no
    8. It is the SWISS ALPS (was there in 2002)…i’ll give you that one!
    9. no

    3 out of 9…not bad!

    if anyone guesses the remaining 6, you will get a prize!

  3. thanks for playing mephis!

    2. no (but close)
    3. no
    4. yes! the CA coast..near half moon bay
    6. no (but close)
    7. no (but close)
    9. no (but close)

    speaking of horseshoes…


    jenn still thinks you are my doppleganger (of the evil sort) and have no actual existence – which is strange considering i just finished reading Freud’s essay on the “unheimlich”…

  4. You should stay away from the Freud man… Jung’s better, hemlich/unheimlich only a bloody coke head would be into that.

    Tell Jen I don’t actually exist… but I am evil… or…

    “Ego nunco pronunciari mendagio! Sed ego sum homo indomitus.”

  5. thanks for playing gelsinger,

    2. no (but close)
    3. no
    6. YES! it is Great Basin National Park, a branch from the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Grove…
    7. no
    8. francois guessed that no.8 is the Alps…

    soooooo, four left to guess: #2,3, 7, 9 — i will reveal the answers tomorrow!

    mephis, “Astra non mentiuntur, sed astrologi bene mentiuntur de astris”


  6. oh yeah… well I’m gonna quote myself!

    ad hominem
    ecce homo
    ex nihilo!


    oh yeah…

    no 2. Anasazi Ruins

    no 7. Armstrong, CA

    no 9. Pariah River, UT

  7. 2. Yes, the Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde National Park, CO


    9. Yes, Utah…Zion Nation Park…but i think it’s the Virgin River

    so the others are

    #3: San Diego Mission Church
    #7: Sequoia National Park

    i’ll quote myself also (and perhaps further proof of jenn’s doppleganger theory):

    ad lucen
    ecce signum
    ex silentio

    peace and thanks for playing everyone!!!!

  8. de profundis, damn that’s a good one!

    You sure you’re not an overly dramatic Russian? One part Russkie maybe?


  9. Salve. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to leave such a nice comment.

    As to your question, you are very welcome to, yes.

    Latine loqui coactus sum, id est, quid quid latine dictum sit, altum videtur.


  10. thanks so much free spirit, i will add a link soon!

    hope to hear your voice around here often!

    take care

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