interlude: a game and announcements

GAME: here is another of my photographs: who can guess what it is and / or what do you see:

if you are craving some HD, go to mephistophales blog and tell him we want some HD!


after camping this weekend, i realize that Heraclitus was right: you can never pee in the same river twice –

i went to an absurdly named state park just past Sacramento called “malakoff diggins” – did a little hiking, a little swimming, and lots of reading…the best part was swimming in the South Yuba River and then wine tasting along highway 174 – went to this amazing, brand new winery called Solune – they had the best petit syrah i’ve had in a long time –

i will hopefully have some pictures up soon.


yesterday was my first day back to work and as soon as the kids showed up, i realized how much i missed being in the classroom – all the students were energetic and respectful and i think it’s going to be a great semester – teaching writing to little kids is so much fun because they are equally invested in the ability of words to communicate their thoughts and emotions AND in the ability of words to miscommunicate and materialize as things themselves – it is inspiring to constantly be around this tension!


enough about me, let’s talk about me: soooo i have some poems in two recent and must buy publications:

the first, mark lamoureux’s Face Time (a poem inspired by HD’s film Borderline)


the second journal edited by slosek, unger, daly, and gordon, called “string of small machines” (an excerpt from my manuscript titled “tidelands”)

So go buy copies and let me know what you think!


ONE MORE ANNOUNCEMENT: i am a poetry editor of Switchback, an online journal, and we NEED SUBMISSIONS…here is the info for the next issue:

Fifth Issue: “The Independent vs. The Representative Voice”

The editors of SWITCHBACK are now accepting submissions for our fifth issue. The theme is The Independent vs. The Representative Voice.

Some writers hold the perspective that a writer/artist not only has the opportunity but also a social obligation to their audience to be a “voice” and use their writing to tear down walls. Then, there are others who shun the idea of their work, their representation of self and others in their writing or in the public/private sphere, as being obligated to do anything.

We are seeking fiction, nonfiction, critical essays and poems that show knowledge of the writer’s craft. Only critical essays must address at least one perspective of the topic The Independent vs. The Representative Voice.

The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2006.

for more details re: submission, GO HERE


on sadder news, i got a rejection letter from Sentence…i sent them some old poems that i am trying to find homes for…what’s funny is that the way they noticy you is that they send a mass email to everyone saying that these people are the ones who have been accepted and it was quite nerveracking looking through the list and then getting to the end of the list…oh well, i will send these prose poems elsewhere…they are narrative prose poems, does anyone has a suggestion of where to send them?

peace and quietude


16 thoughts on “interlude: a game and announcements

  1. I’m trying to figure out what “The Independent vs. the Representative Voice” is supposed to mean …

  2. the journal is always based on some kind of “vs.” dialectic…so if you have a poem / poems that you think expresses a “Representative Voice” or an “independent Voice” or anywhere in between, then it’ll work…

    for example, HD’s voice in The War Trilogy is highly representative of those suffering the effects of WW2. On the other hand, i would consider O’Hara to be an Independent Voice, representing nothing but his own personality…

    i’m not sure if that makes sense?

  3. Hm… forms/modes of representation vs. some kind of abstract originality?

    Can representation be original?

  4. hmmm…yeah i think representation can be original…can’t really think of a good reason why not?

    hey, your “not us not them” is definitely somewhere between the dialectic…maybe you can submit something if you are interested…think about it!

  5. hi craig, thanks for the title dedication. these titles tickle my literary bone, and it is mildly ironic to me that faulkner is my dedication given my “fury” reading some of his characters!

    i’m sorry about the rejection letter; i sure know what that’s like. on the other hand, super (and belated, i apologize) congrats on the m.f.a.!

  6. Same thing happened to me with Sentence! Dang them.

    Is that a photo of a glacier? Or just some frothy water?

  7. thanks gladys! i thought your reading of faulkner was right on, by the by…i also considered as titles:

    “the blog and the fury”
    “blogsalom! blogsalom!”


    julie, dang them! no it is not a glacier…but the white parts of the photo are frothy water!…anyone wanna guess as to what the other parts are?

  8. Oh, okay, so kinda like this old essay I saw in Fence (I think it was Fence) about community vs. individual voices, where they basically put adrienne rich against philip levine.

  9. francois, yeah, that’s a good way to phrase it (comm v. ind)…i’ll have to look up that essay…thanks! you should submit some things that were on the KABLOW workshop if those havent been published yet.

    thanks yemanja, it is nice to see your words around these here parts!

  10. Alright…I have to venture a guess on your photo. It’s somewhere on a beach, the froth is part of a wave that is going out. The rest is rocks and sea kelp or sand and sea kelp. Am I close??? 🙂

  11. Will do. I just need to remember which pieces are under consideration and which ones are not (I tend to dislike simultaneous subs).

    As for the picture game, first picture is an aerial view of a glacier during summer, second one is the cover of Face Time (just got my comp copy, loved the HD poem) and third a silkscreen reproduction of a fire exit superimposed.

  12. close? you are exactly right ms. butterflying…it is giant sea kelp and waves and water…but no rocks…tho whenever i look at the pic, i see two dragons, a white one formed from foam, and a black one formed from kelp, devouring each other…thanks for guessing!

    francois, great! it does look like a glacier now that two people have mentioned it!

    a fire exit! i was wondering what that was! both have beautiful covers dont they! thanks for the complient on the HD poem, i will hopefully get my copy soon!

  13. After you mentioned dragons, I went back and looked again and I saw both of them immediately. It’s a beautiful photo with so many hidden elements…

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