the HD blog returns & etc

(Hilda Doolittle — HD)

i hope everyone had a nice weekend! i had a well deserved weekend after the first week back to work…went to see “the illusionist” (i hardly ever go to the movies so this was a treat)…had dinner with friends (i made a delicious pizza with roasted red pepper sauce, grilled chicken and zucchini and feta cheese! yum) and then today i rode my bike to the “solano stroll” which is a huge street market with bands, craft stalls, and every kind of food you can imagine! i also bought a sweet baguette from one of my favorite local bakerys (la farine)…

the funny thing was that i carried it in my backpack and kept hitting people in the head because it was sticking out halfway! someone asked, is that a baguette sticking out of you pack, or are you just happy to see me?

i also have been watching baseball and football today — A’s are still in first place and the Raiders are going to win tomorrow (i hope)! oh yeah, i also bought Rebecca Solnit’s “wanderlust: a history of walking”…i read her biography of Muybridge and am quite excited to read this work.

speaking of books: i received my copy of FACE TIME (thanks mark!)in the mail and it is quite amazing! i have two copies so if anyone wants to trade with me, let me know! i also have an extra copy of THE REDLANDS REVIEW (i have two poems in it) and that is available for trade also!

I also received my “payment” for the Galatea Reviews: Eileen Tabios’s “I take thee, English, for my Beloved” and “The Anchored Angel: selected poems of Jose Garcia Villa”. I have finished reading both books and will post on Vill’s work soon. I also received the next two books i will be reviewing: Anna Moschovakis’s “I have not been able to get through to everyone” and Lidija Dimkovska’s “Do not awaken them with hammers” – both books are quite good so look forward to my reviews in the next issue of Galatea! if that wasn’t enough, i also just got Achilles Mbembe’s “On the Postcolony” – which i am about halway through…

NOW, to the best news of the day: HD BLOG 34 and 35 ARE NOW AVAILABLE!


for those new to this blog, i dedicated most of the summer to creating an online annotation (with pictures) of HD’s War Trilogy. Part of the project is simply a way for students interested in HD can have an accessible space to study and engage the text…another part is that i have an uncontrollable fetish for annotation…another part is that i imagine it as a kind of “literary activism” against war and those invested in war…

the blog itself also provides a nice space for discussing the poems in the comment stream…and there have been quite a few interesting discussions that have occurred during the summer. For sections 34 and 35, mephistophales offered to guest annotate these sections!


he does an incredible job with the annotation, so please show some love over at his blog and, if compelled, engage in some of the questions he poses. HERE ARE TWO SAMPLES OF HIS ANNOTATION:

To “scrape a pallet /point pen or brush” continues on this theme of spiritual realism but recasts it in the form of Art. The new divine is on the canvas and that the artist is a kind of modern priest capable of tapping into those energies historically reserved for ecclesiastical orders and what not. The artist as priest or a kind of demagogue? Is HD saying that perhaps the artist has the power to help us understand that the myth isn’t here to elucidate the truth, but to show our place in the narrative in the same way that a sermond reminds us, theosophically, of our place and part in the story of Divine (granting depending on the amount of brimstone you take in your cup o church).


Lets back up a bit… HD does something really odd, in all these symbols of the feminine divine, she mentions “let him (Wisdom) / in the light of what went before”, this has been bugging me. I’m not quite sure how to take this except as a jab at monotheism. The wisdom of the ancient world being lost, and at the same time HIM and wisdom being linked or rather footnoted, as a kind of wise God, perhaps one that has to answer for all things that came before. Before this age where HD is urging us to reach back and over real gifts to the true Gods? WWII is raging all around and the feminine divine is nowhere to be found, rather a masculine order of war mongers, in light of these tragic and terrible happenings, one has to question if the past can illuminate the future in light of the present set of circumstances. I’m curious how other people read this couplets.

THANKS MEPHIS! if anyone else is interested in guest annotating, let me know! but be warned, it’s addicting!

peace and dis-quietude

addendum: i’ve added 3 folks to the blog, t.a.noonan, free spirit, and rebecca — so please go check them out and say hello!


10 thoughts on “the HD blog returns & etc

  1. Yeah, addicting as all hell, you might have to thumb wrestle me for it… 😀

  2. please, not only am i double jointed (in all the right places), i was the pacific islands thumb wrestling chamption 3 years in a row!

  3. Bring you big ass daumb to the city… its on like rick flair vs. hulg hogan… and are you really double jointed in all those places? Lucky Jen!!! hahhaha

  4. I’ll trade you your second copy of Face Time for my second copy of Face Time. Deal?

  5. the illusionist was pretty good…norton and giamatti were great…the story itself was a bit slow, but interesting!

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