tripmaster monkey

exhausting day at work…but happy to come home and read at barbara jane reyes’s blog, an excerpt from of an interview she did with bryan thao worra that will appear on Tripmaster Monkey:

“we are doing many more things than writing the conventional immigrant narrative, though many of us do write about migration and movement. I am interested in the poets pushing the envelope on the conventional immigrant narrative, on conventional use of English, on conventional use of poetic form, on performance, and on genre. I think of Justin Chin, Truong Tran, Catalina Cariaga, Sarah Gambito, Paolo Javier. I recently saw Anthem Salgado in performance in San Francisco, and he layers smart, hip, well-wrought poetry with beats and voice. I’ve recently read Craig Perez’s manuscript, which impressed me so much in his use of page and his rearticulations of oral tradition. Claire Light writes some hella dope and innovative science fiction. Geraldine Kim’s Povel is a ceaseless and formidable wall of text. I don’t know if those studying and reading Asian American poetry consider Rupert Estanislao, who can be dismissed as a punk rock band front man and a “slam” poet, but I have always appreciated the sincerity, vulnerability, and the hybrid language of his poetry.”

did you notice the sentence i bolded?

5 thoughts on “tripmaster monkey

  1. That’s pretty cool! You’re out there, in that more physical sense than just blogging out there, but be-ing out there as in been out there, as in to be out there out where… or something like that, but nice job!

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