‘the sadist thing’

wow, no one guessed the title yet! this is the longest lasting title so far! ok, so i’ll drop 3 hints:

elizabeth bishop
south america
a stone in the middle of the road



i hope more folks join the comments in the post below re: villa & stein – it is quite interesting.


must say i am completely exhausted. got back from work at 11 tonight and i was going to post on villa again, but that will have to wait till the morning.

at work, i ran across the most interesting sentence by one of my second graders who just moved here from korea about a month ago. altho he is struggling in my class, he has a lot of enthusiasm. HERE IS THE SENTENCE:

“The sadist thing was my grammar lost our god.”

i am totally going to use this sentence as a title for a chapbook. any suggestions on what a chap with that title would be about (or what its form/s would be)?

OPPORTUNITY FOR A BONUS POINT: if you can guess what this student was trying to say, you will get a point.

hope all are well.


8 thoughts on “‘the sadist thing’

  1. Here’s one for you to try and get from the Fiction side of the world:
    “The Blog at the Bottom of the World.”

  2. hell ya i’m watching the A’s game! and hell ya you get the point!!!! as to your trivia…must admit that i have no idea….

    and jenn!!! you get the bonus point!

    new title up!

  3. The sadist thing was my grammar lost our god.”

    1. The saddest thing was my grandma lost our dog.

    2. The saddest thing was(that) my grammar lost out good.

    3. The saddest thing was that my grammar wasn’t any good.

    4. The saddest thing was my grammar was not good.

    I actually like it as it is. It would make for a great line in a poem. If you don’t mind I will give it a try. Incorporating it with some plot or throughline will be the tough part, its impact is already made.

    “That’s the gravest train… God was just rout the wait.”

    Now it’s your turn to tell me what that last sentence is supposed to say… :>)


  4. hi poetryman, great to hear from you. i must confess to having no idea what that sentence is supposed to say… hmmm…i think i may need a hint…

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