pumpkin head

okay, i’ll let the title run for ONE MORE DAY! who will guess it? 3 hints are in the post below, as well as an interesting excerpt from a book im reading, so go to there if you havent already…and of course feel free to comment.


today i went to a pumpkin patch and winery with my girlfriend, her family, and some friends who are visiting. here are some pics:


hope everyone had a great weekend!


12 thoughts on “pumpkin head

  1. ok, it’s catfish and mandala by andrew x pham. a friend of mine presented a paper on it, which is why i’ve heard of it, but i have to admit that i haven’t myself read it.

    i like the pumpkins.

  2. Is this one topically oriented?

    I guess “The Wretched of the Earth” by Fanon, which I haven’t read, but was quoted in several articles I read recently (though I can’t for the life of me remember what articles).

  3. can i vent some frustrations about pumpkins here?

    i dig pumpkins. i like the smell of the seeds after they’ve been baked even though i don’t like to eat them. i love jack-o-lanterns for the mythology behind them and the kick ass designs and fun and joy and flickering and more joy. in general, pumpkins make me happy… but

    my problem with pumpkins: i can no longer enjoy pumpkin related food stuffs.

    why? because of the terrible Jones Soda (holiday pack) pumpkin pie flavored soda–of which you think wouldn’t be close to as nasty as turkey and gravy flavored soda or even the brussels sprout in butter flavored soda, but by the all powerful cthulhu i swear the pumpkin flavor was by far the most wretched of all and probably one of these most disgusting things i will ever put in my mouth.

  4. the turkey and gravy was nothing compared to the godforsaken pumpkin pie flavored soda. i have since eaten turkey and not wanted to die, on the other hand, i don’t think i’ll ever be ready for pumpkin pie again.

  5. oh yeah, and why? you probably do really stupid things with your friends too. must admit though, i bought the sodas ^_^ so i must be a little bit sicker than the rest.

  6. baking is honestly beyond my skill set, to be on the level, I’m terrified of baking. I can butcher an entire animal, no problem, clean fish, even slaughter small furry things… but bring in flour, dough and things that rise and I suddenly have two left hands a meat tenderizer for a brain in the kitchen.

  7. What call are you referring to, CP? No calls received on my phone 😦

    but I’ll try to call you this evening . . . I have to keep my phone off at work – “office policy” and whatnot. luckily no policy against lunch-time blogging.

  8. KOOL KAKE KATY!!! how tasty and creative looking! and i must admit to doing stupid things also 😉

    mephis, i can’t bake much either – but jenn makes an awesome carrot cake with nutela…mmmmmmmmm

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