paper buying was fun today – jenn and i spent about 2 hours at the art store, choosing and measuring and cutting … after that, i formatted the pages and printed the template, which was very tedious. tomorrow we are going to make copies of the pages and bind them!

SO, if you interested in ordering the chaps, email me (my address is in the post below). so far, 15 preorders … and that leaves only 15 more! i will hopefully post pictures of the chaps on sunday, and the low low low price!


very exciting books came in the mail today:

1) Writing Culture: The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography ed. by Clifford and Marcus

2) Aching for Mango Friends, by Jacinta Galea’i


if you haven’t already read my review of Aaron Shurin’s Involuntary Lyrics at Jacket. feel free to do so .


hope you are not too hungover! (forrest 😉


9 thoughts on “

  1. Yo.

    Put me down for a chapbook, son.

    Here in Detroit. Home of the World Series. And cold weather.

    (and Joelle)

  2. Happy Saturday Craig! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    I Have Not Been Able to Get Through to Everyone–Moschovakis


  3. am i one of those 15 on the pre-order list? i think i am but i could be mistaken. if i’m not, can i be?
    limited edition! how exciting ^_^

  4. that’s the second time that happened to me… i comment, hit send or whatever and it gets put up twice, that’s why there’s a deleted comment. i probably end up hitting the button twice by accident… sorry!

  5. seth! we gotta hang when you get back! now that i’m over my depression from the oakland A’s ;( your copy is reserved

    kari, hope you have a wonderful weekend also! and you get the point!

    katy, your copy is reserved! and no worries, i like deleted comments also…i get to imagine that someone left a secret love / hate letter but then suddenly changed their mind about going public with their feelings…SOOOOO mysterious 😉

    ps. am digging through PoemTree and really loving it! will email abouts it later 😉

  6. do you not have comments emailed to you then? see, on my blog, if anyone sends a comment i get it, whehter they later erase it or not ^_^ so if you secretly love me or hate me and don’t want me to know, don’t post a comment on my blog about it then change your mind about letting me know

  7. hmm…i do get emails, but not of what’s deleted…maybe i will just leave my secret feelings for you on my blog and delete it!!! mwuhahaha

  8. wow, that’s lots of secret feelings craig, are you sure you don’t want to air them out even a little bit? 😉

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