we finished putting together the first chapbook, a collaboration that my girlfriend and i have been working since the summer…titled “out of wedlock”… we did the photocopying, folding, awling, binding, glueing, and drooling over today! it is 24 pages of poetry bliss!!! in case this is your first day on this blog, i am making 2 chapbooks which i hope will lead to more. all the proceeds go to recovering costs and funding the next run of chapbooks.

altho the other chapbook is still in utero, we have calculated costs and if you order now, you will receive both chapbooks for the low low low price of 10 dollars! did i mention shipping is included! AND THAT’S NOT ALL! i will personally sign all the chapbooks (sorry, if you want free condoms, you have to go to eileen 😉

if you are interested, email me: jspirit_00 at hotmail dot com. copies are running out quickly (about 10 left) … if you have already pre-ordered, i will email you my address tomorrow to send a check! sorry, no paypal yet … maybe for the next run!

hope everyone had a nice weekend and i will post pictures of the other chapbook, “blue outline” as soon as their done!




7 thoughts on “chapbooks!!!

  1. As soon as I sufficiently recovered my senses to comprehend theterrific predicament in which I stood, or rather hung, I exerted allthe power sibel kekilli porn movie of my lungs to make that predicament known to the aeronautoverhead.

  2. The title is:
    Slouching Toward Bethlehem by Joan Didion

    I really should get this from the library soon, since I haven’t found a used copy yet.

    Also, Craig, I would like to be on your Chapbook list – will you take a trade for my prose poem chapbook Discontinuous beings when it comes out in December?

  3. ah, i was going to guess the title, but iseult beat me to it. well, i’ll add that the line is taken from one of my favorite yeats poems. yeats isn’t my favorite dude, but that’s a good poem, i must say. and– i want these chapbooks!

  4. Yay – I’m guessing that this time you picked The Lotus-eaters . . . who is that by again? Oh yeah, Tennyson. Am I right?

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