thanks everyone who has shown interest / support in my chapbooks. i will email each of you in the next couple of days and post pics of the other chap and soon as i get the covers done.

my mom and sis came over today and we carved pumpkins, ate bbq, and went to watch the Prestige. it is a wonderfully exciting movie. altho there was a couple of chicks who started fighting in the middle of the movie, but that is what we get, i suppose, for going to a theatre in downtown berkeley (this city can be so ghetto). anwyays, here are some pics of the pumpkin festivities. my sister was the only one who actually finished carving her pumpkin. hope everyone had a nice weekend!


9 thoughts on “

  1. this is my dear proust, marcel, translated as “remembrance of things past” or “in search of lost time.” (a la recherche du temps perdu)

    sorry françois

  2. Nice job, I can’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin… I know, I’m no fun.

    Tom & Mariya say hello!

    NYC has been great… go to FLICKR… see for yourself.

  3. jessica gets the point!

    katy, yeah it’s supposed to be a bat, but i’m not done (i had to bbq and didnt get a chance to finish ;(

    mephis, glad you’re back! will go and check flickr!

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