‘all with ocean views’

exhausted. returned from work around 11pm starving. saw the pineapple i bought on saturday on the counter and was too lazy to cook so i ate a pineapple for dinner. in my first grade class, a student asked me how to spell ground. so i wrote it on the board. then she asked me how to spell around. so i erased the g and added an a. she thoughtfully tapped her pencil on her chin a few times and dimple-smiled and said, that’s REALLY interesting.


(hotel row, guam)

i am almost done with a new chapbook called “all with ocean views”. it is a collage of text from travel magazines. i am very interested in the representational devices of “touristic discourse”. it is actually quite painful for me to read travel magazines. guam is a tourist destination for japanese tourists, our economy is heavily dependent on tourism. i want to know what happens to a subject within the constraint of “touristic discourse”. i want to know what happens to this discourse when deprived of image and destination, which it so heavily depends. what happens when there is no destination for touristic desire? does this textually constructed desire consume itself when it is constrained within text? i don’t know, but maybe the poems know. after all the atrocities the japanese military committed on guam during the war, now japanese tourists come to golf and sun.

the poems are composed of 4 lunes each and a dangling word. a lune, inspired by Robert Kelly, are most often three lines with five syllables, three syllables, and finally five syllables again. mine a variations in the sense of the margin (usually the first and third line are indented … also, there is one long line made of two lunes lineated by slashes and separated by a dash (here it appears as two lines cause not long enough) also, the poem is in brackets near the bottom of the page, as if a caption to the blank space…and all the text is single quoted for some reason (dont ask me!)… HERE IS A SAMPLE & what do you think? (be kind, i usually don’t post my own poems):

[ ‘the enduring myth
        of’ ‘the world
covered by hotels’            ‘well fed disease free
                                                    dogs enhance’
                                              ‘the endless resort’

‘happy my culture \ is alive / and well’ ‘a weaver
                          creates a remote \ village’ ‘at / the end of every

dust’ ]


my optometrist said that my eyes are not getting enough oxygen. that seems kind of odd. have a nice play (after katy)


14 thoughts on “‘all with ocean views’

  1. you should be in this hotel… with 200 some odd geeks… deciding the future of email… that’ll give you a textual basis of comparrison… oh my god… the hangover… millionaires who buy the entire bar a round and then proceed to buy 10 rounds of shots for 12 people just isn’t right… but its not that wrong either… oy vey.

  2. I LOVE the “ground”/”around” story … what a wonderful moment!


  3. oooh oooh Fear of the Knee Bending Backwards
    a H_NGM_N flip/chap by Gina Myers

    will have a poem in the next or the next next issue of the e-journal ^_^

  4. erg, mark already got it!! i didn’t even notice until i submitted my comment.

    erg mark >_< erg

  5. well, i neither got married nor died…so i guess that makes my play…um…cruel?

    mephis, sounds surreal! will you ever come back i wonder?

    mark gets the point! sorry katy, but i look forward to reading your poem when it goes live!

    new blog title up! and off to work i go!

  6. Oooh, going for a line from a poem, huh?
    I think it’s from “Fever 103” by Sylvia Plath.

    “Pure? What does it mean?
    The tongues of hell
    Are dull, dull as the triple

    Tongues of dull, fat Cerberus
    Who wheezes at the gate. Incapable
    Of licking clean

    The aguey tendon, the sin, the sin.
    The tinder cries.
    The indelible smell

    Of a snuffed candle! . . .”

    And it goes on from there.

  7. “but Points? what do they mean?”

    The indelible smell of inevitible victory, I suppose!

  8. i imagine the points smell more like fake cherry, like what’s that stuff called… grenadine.

    hmmn, according to wikipediamagicland “The name “grenadine” comes from the French word grenade for pomegranate, as grenadine was originally prepared from pomegranate juice and sugar”

    there’s a pomegranate in my fridge right now. what a coincidence.

  9. Lunes weren’t “inspired” by Robert Kelly. He created the form. Also, lunes aren’t typically formatted with the first and third line indented. See Robert Kelly’s “Lunes,” the lines are not indented. In my own lunes, yeah, I indent the first and third line — I wanted to punch in some shapeliness into an otherwise extremely rigid form — but that’s just me.

    Joseph Massey

  10. i meant i was inspired by robert kelly’s Lunes 🙂 forgive my bad grammar!

    and meant usually/typically as the times i’ve read others lunes, like yours! which i love by the way! such shapeliness and clarity! so forgive my mistaken grammer again!

    thanks for commenting also. i’m curious, what inspired you to work with lunes?

    take care and hope to see you around these parts!

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