so so tired so maybe will blog more in the bright blog of morning (hint hint – as if you geniuses need it!). cute moments at work today. in my fourth grade class, we are writing opinion paragraphs called “The Best of…” When they wrote about what they thought was the best book, one student wrote about Calvin and Hobbes and asked me if i had ever read it. When i said no, he replied that he would bring in a book for me to borrow so that i “dont forget what it’s like to be a kid.” I said that was very kind of him. Then he said, “maybe if you understand more of what it’s like to be a kid, you won’t torture us so much with homework.” he was being very sincere.

In my third grade class, we are learning the four types of sentences. One girl said, “if i have four kittens, i will name them declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory.”

meow rhymes with mao


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  1. on being numerous


    ‘Whether, as the intensity of seeing increaes, one’s distance
    from Them, the people, does not also increase’
    I know, of course I know, I can enter no other place

    Yet I am one of those who from nothing but man’s way of
    thought and one of his dialects and what has happened
    to me
    Have made poetry

    To dream of the beach
    For the sake of an instant in the eyes,

    The absolute singular

    The unearthly bonds
    Of the singular

    Which is the bright light of shipwreck

    by george oppen. who, in his earlier years, was a very handsome man (refering to the cover of his Selected Poems).

  2. love the translation katy! and you get the point! i heart oppen, so thanks for posting the poem!

    new title up!

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