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  1. Happy saturday…hope your weekend is starting of well:)

    “Summer in Baden-Baden” by Tsypkin

    I’ve only read parts of it…been meaning to actually wade through the whole thing…oh well. I’ll get to it eventually. On my list of “to read”s!

  2. Oh…and I got my copy of “Deer Head Nation” in the mail a couple of days ago and have made my first journey through the book. It was incredibly interesting but I know that I’m going to have to read it a few times so that I can catch all different references and meanings. Fun though…and different.

  3. Ah, Scheiße! And was I thinking I would be the only one to figure the title was “Summer in Baden-Baden”!

  4. kari gets the point! def worth wading … he makes the coolest sentences! glad you are enjoying Dear Head Nation – and will email soon, i promise!

    sorry francois, i will give you a point for thinking you would be the only one 😉

    i think you will get the next one as soon as blogger quits acting crazy!

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