mazzy star – fade into you

as you can tell, i just discovered YOUTUBE! how exciting especially since i barely listen to music (it hurts my ears). so i will occasionally post a song as a soundtrack to these posts! this song is dedicated to the one who understand the impossible blue.

this weekend was a bit hectic, was working hard to finish a review, and am just about done! it was quite difficult because the work has so many levels … looking at how others reviewed the book only confirmed the difficulty. anyways, i found an interesting angle into the work, so hopefully it will be picked up somewhere.

i also finished reading Pratt’s Imperial Eyes, which i highly recommend. and read a new Tinfish chapbook called Aching for Mango Friends by Jacinta Galea’i (a samoan writer). it is an excerpt from a novel-in-verse…or a cross-genre novel / poem … i recommend it also, and that will be the next book i review in november.

i’m so glad this month is coming to an end…was so busy with work and the chapbooks so i am glad both things are slowing down. received the first checks, and the books will be out in the mail tomorrow! i hope everyone who ordered and supported this endeavor enjoys the work! we are doing another set of chapbooks for january, which i will promote a little more in november (for a sneak preview, check out barbara’s blog).

november though, will also be busy. there are 2 contests i am entering, 1 fellowship, AND 1 grad school application, and a few places i want to submit. at least work will have slowed down! and i have a week off of work for THANKSGIVING!

some bad news is that i have decided not to go to Kenya in December … even with the scholarship, it was just isnt financially feasible for me at this time. perhaps if i hadnt spend all my money in St Petersburg this summer, i wouldve been able to go. i am going to ask the director if they can hold the scholarship for next year, which will give me enough time to save up. more bad news, for me anyways, is that my girlfriend had enough miles to get a free airline ticket so she is going to Kenya (she got the scholarship also, but in fiction). she was very supportive when i went to russia in the summer, and i am very supportive of her going to Kenya, but i will miss her and be all by myself for two weeks in december ;(

anyways, i hope everyone had a nice weekend! i’m curious, did anyone dress up for Halloween? or do anything fun?


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  1. hey, that’s MY book!

    i didn’t dress up for halloween, but I did see The Dark Crystal. i want to dress up, but i also want to lay in bed and do nothing.

  2. i *love* mazzy star, esp. this album. this was one of my first… um… sex albums.

  3. organic furniture cellar

    by jessica smith

    as for halloween… i tried to see saw3 over the weekend (and am still going to once i get better) but the *tickticktick* and swooping camera angles made the vicodin induced version of me very very dizzy and faint, so i ended up talking on my cell phone in the movie lobby while my husbee, sister and her boyo watched the movie.
    i’ll probably end up watching some scary movie on halloween, and handing out candy to all 3 of the trick or treaters we get. last year, i gave the kid from the end of the road every last lolly pop because he said they were his favorite ^_^
    unfortunatly, though, i’ll be spending most of halloween day at school.

  4. i miss the days when our parents dropped us off in the rich part of town so we could trick-or-treat for the full-sized candy bars.

  5. love the song, love mazzy star, but most of all, love you. you know how to pull at my heart…i miss you so much that sometimes it makes it hard to breathe…

  6. hee hee…jessica, i’m not sure “MY book” qualifies as an answer 😉 though i’ll give you a point since you did write the book and katy will get a point for actually giving author and tiile 😉

    sex albums, eh? i wonder what everyone’s top 3 sex albums / songs are?

    katy, sorry about the vicodin messing up the movie, i can see how that could be freaky. every neighborhood seems to have that boy at the end of the street. i have to work too on Halloween, bleh. i think i will dress up as the PE teacher and have the kids do jumping jacks all class.

    i’ve never gotten a full sized candie bar. but my mom always made us check the tootsie rolls for needles.

    two, curse mazzy star. but thank you!

  7. by sex albums do you mean… like albums/songs you prefer to listen to while having sex? you must.

    unfortunatly for me, the first thought that comes into my head is my parents and the eagles. my mom so thoughtfully informed me at a rather young age that her and my dad used to make-out to the eagles all the time. i can not enjoy the eagles for this reason.

  8. speaking of the eagles, one of the songs i strongly associate with my first boyfriend is “peaceful, easy feeling.” but yeah, i mean albums to make love to. as one of my lovers put it, “mazzy star turns any boy into a girl.” it’s good for the slow lovey kind of love-making– it’s not really a fucking album.

  9. that’s funny katy. and francois and jessica. you’all make me laugh!

    quite true to not being a fucking album. best fucking album: Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum 😉

    peace and sex

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