Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower


i know you were all just waiting for this blog title (hint hint;)

strange things happen on halloween. in trying to find a home for my-just-written-review at a particular journal, i instead found a home for a review i have not yet written at this particular journal. spooky.

and i had sent out my translation + annotation of a brazilian poet’s manifesto, and i was so excited to come home and a find a letter from the journal. it was neither a rejection nor an acceptance, but the letter informed me that the journal has shifted from print to DVD format. as a result, they no longer accept paper or email submissions. if i want to submit, i have to send them an audio CD of the work. spooky.

what’s really spooky is how postmodern my students are, especially the elementary kids. today i had them write halloween stories and maybe it was the halloween m & m’s i gave them, but they are like little calvinos.

one 3rd grader started his story “once upon a time…how many times have you heard THAT at the beginning of a story!”

a 4th grader had her main character exclaim at the climax of the scary part: “hey author, is this the best you can do! i’m not even scared yet!”

probably my favorite though, a 2nd grader ended her story with: “even though all the characters died at the haunted house, all stories say they lived happily ever after.”


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  1. I love the kids’ excerpts! I like how the 4th grader’s protagonist speaks to the author….reminds me of Charles Kaufmann (of “Adaption”) a little.

    We had a ton of gremlins trick-or-treating at our house. There was chocolate flying out of our house by the handful.

    Happy Halloween to you, too.

  2. katy gets the point! yeah, i figured it was too easy already.

    hi lee! good luck with the sabbatical proposal! will have to look up the kaufmann…thanks!

    new title up! no one will guess it!

  3. tried to sneak that one by you francois! i will stump you yet!

    hi katy! you can cash in your ten points for a prize, OR you can keep going and try for a 20 point prize (which is twice as good as a 10 point prize). let me know what you want 😉

  4. jessica, the kids are great (when they do their homework;) they’re much better than the kids that are commenting on your blog 😉

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