R. Kelly – Ignition (Remix)

SO GLAD IT’S THE WEEKEND FOR ME (NO WORK ON FRIDAY) a long exhaunsting day: rain and the 80 / 880 ramp was closed because of an accident and having to deal with parents that are never satisfied (the one part of my job i dont like). am trying to get these contest submissions together: 2 almost done, 1 to go. am still working on my chap “all with ocean views” — trying to tighten and torque. these are the poems using the lune form, which i thought might be a nice counterpoint to the touristic language i’m collaging … a kind of false deep image. and since the lune is so tied to “seeing the orient,” thought that might add another layer… and to use the lune not to see, but to see the rhetoric of this seeing…i dont know yet really, just an exploration …

what follows is some info on kelly, a lune, and one of my ocean view poems:

a lune (“American haiku”) invented in the poet’s early career (the 5-7-5 syllable count of the haiku becomes 5-3-5 in the lune, of which Kelly writes:

“I tried trimming, and finally got to a five-three-five pattern, concave rather than convex, thirteen syllables, number of the lunar months.”

The lune suggests the moon and madness.


this new moon low down
a plain sky
holding it in place




[ ‘for years this was an
culture’ ‘the windows                            as captivating
                                                   as the views
                                                           framed’ ‘i like seeing

animals in their \ authentic / environment’ ‘be-
                            cause even dying \ peoples have / a wild side to



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8 thoughts on “

  1. It’s finally Friday and I’m so glad. Lucky you…you already have started your weekend. I can’t wait for 5:30 to get here!!

    Interpreter of Maladies–Jhumpa Lahiri


  2. about the r kelly song:

    is that a geniune remix? or is r kelly making a statement about the remix genre?

    okay, white girl me might not be down with the r&b scene, fagizzle, but the version here on your blog is the only version of the song i’ve ever heard.

  3. kari gets the point!

    i hope you like them katy!

    dont know if it’s a genuine remix…just thought it would be funny to put an r. kelly song with the r. kelly lune.

    i know, im luney.

  4. Hey Katy…there is an original “ignition” but it’s not very good. this is a remix, a genuine one, and is usually the only one that is played. don’t ask how i know that…i just do. full of useless facts!

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