just some songs to get your saturday rolling ;)


9 thoughts on “just some songs to get your saturday rolling ;)

  1. i know this one too i think… Post Meridian by Mary (have to look up how to spell her last name…) Ruefle

  2. Thanks for reading some of my parentheticals! I appreciate feedback. I will add blindelephant to my cretaive cohort list.


  3. hi katy, altho i am thinking for a novel for the title, i will give you a point for the Ruefle…i’ve never heard of her…is she any good?

    hi lina! wonderful!

  4. is she any good?

    i like her, i mean, mostly. she’s not someone i covet or anything, but i found her in fence a while ago and just today i found this poem, which is really lovely. i guess she’s just one of those names i skim for in current poetry periodicals. and if she’s in the journal or zine, i’ll give her a few of my oh so valuable minutes.
    here are three other poems by mary.

  5. I was also going to say mary ruefle’s post meridian, until you said novel … so it’s blood meridian, by cormac mccarthy.

  6. francois gets a point! and thanks katy! i will def check the poems / review out in the morning!

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