my grandmother’s 80th birthday party today! lots of cake and karaoke and poker. tomorrow we are going to monterey to see my friend james, who is a degenerate dostoevsky and steinbeck scholar. i am carpooling with this degenerate (we all met up in russia this summer). altho it should be fun, i just hope to survive.

so my girlfriend is a phd student at berkeley, and is currently in a graduate poetry writing workshop with Lyn hejinian (i am uber jealous). she is also doing research for lyn on the grand piano project that the Langpos are working on. anyways, lyn has been giving her lots of books from her press, Atelos. I am reading one of them right now, Bad History, by Barrett Watten. I read his selected put out by Sun and Moon and really enjoyed it, and Bad History — altho different — is quite interesting as well. i will say more about it when i finish.

ps…i think jessica has the reviewing bug!

hopefully i will post some pics tomorrow, but for now, enjoy your sunday and the tunes:


5 thoughts on “

  1. Karaoke and poker? Your grandma rocks! Sometimes I miss Berkeley. Specifically, that moment when the evening Campanille bells start to play.

  2. okay am going with the poetry genre again on my guess, though i could be wrong…

    Meditation at Lagunitas by Robert Hass

  3. oops! my bad…i should have put bloggings or blogs at lagunitas — you both get a point!

  4. robert, yesterday, a man was arrested in the ashby bart station because he was naked and had a screwdriver up his butt. he was charged with indecent exposure and carrying a concealed weapon. oh, when they arrested him, the bells were ringing 😉

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