cannery row

survived! anyone want to buy a copy of cannery row from me? (just kidding james) … will write more when i sober up, for now, here are the pics from today! hope everyone had a great sunday!


7 thoughts on “cannery row

  1. Fun pics…looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Anecdote of the Jar–Stevens

    Hope your monday is fantastic!

    Oh…and by the way…you spelled anecdote wrong!!

  2. A series of questions about blogging:

    What is it about blogging that attracts know-it-alls?

    What is it about blogging that invites spurious criticism on minutiae like typos?

    Shouldn’t there be a ban all comments that aren’t either funny or intelligent?

  3. the wayward bus by steinbeck. considering you were reading steinbeck in the photos, this one was sort of easy.

  4. Hmm… Anon’s comment is negated by his own rules. (Something gutteral me he’s a him, and not an english major.) But on the flipside, the pictures are great. It’s nice to see that James doesn’t look any older. Does that mean we’ve caught up with him? No, I guess he’s way older, isn’t he? Yeah, I’m a smartass today. It’s just that everyone here takes me seriously when I do it…

  5. yeah, james is 2 shots away from decrepid…but we’re not getting any younger my friend…

    something gutteral tells me anon is an idiot

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