the final installment of THE RECIDIVIST MANIFESTO

the fifteenth tenet is that the LINE is the INSCAPE of the BREATH.


the sixteenth tenet is that the SYLLABLE is the INSTRESS of the EAR


the seventeenth tenet is that the SOURCE of poetry is its CIRCUMFERENCE, and its CIRCUMFERENCE its SOURCE.


the eighteenth tenet is “condensary”


the nineteenth tenet is “To vitalize the Grace.”


the twentieth tenet is “[To stand] openmouthed in the temple of life, contemplating [experience].”


the twenty-first tenet is the unwavering belief that “One great step forward would be news every hour of the day and night, in a common language, from one or another of 24 stations working with a common purpose…. [It] is against ‘Babel’, the confusion of many languages. But the refreshing differences to be got from different ways of handling facts in the sound and peculiar expressions of different tongues is not to be overlooked, precisely because they have international worth.”


and “Only craft determines the morality of the poem”


and “Only the most absolute sincerity under heaven can effect any change.”


“These principles are not new. They are the essentials of all great poets, indeed of all great poetics… There is nothing new under the sun, even the word, “renaissance,” means a re-birth not a new birth.”


Clearly, recidivistism is “a very exciting movement which will undoubtedly have lots of adherents…It, like [America?], is on the way.”


“There it is, [citizens], sitting there, for USE.”


well, i hope you enjoyed the manifesto! FELL FREE TO COMMENT / ARGUE / REVISE!!! AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT RECIDIVISTS and LET’S GET THIS MOVEMENT ROLLING!!! have a nice saturday!!!

2 thoughts on “the final installment of THE RECIDIVIST MANIFESTO

  1. School of Udhra–Mackey

    I especiall like the 19th and 20th tenet… so much possibility! And I love the way that you worded them… especially “to vitalize the Grace”.

  2. i applaud your gratuitous use of the asterix.

    i like inscape and breath
    i like instress and ear

    i like the circumference & source and source & circumference

    i like the rejection of babel – although i maintain my respect for the *fish* as established by adams. and i maintain my engagment with the desire to muck up all languages via technological devises such as the babel fish translator.

    and i like the emphasis on craft.

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