woohoo! i finished my review of THIS BOOK, by THIS WRITER. Not sure when this review is coming out, but i’ll let everyone know.

also, i just received THIS BOOK in the mail from the very kind Juliana Spahr. I will be reviewing it over the christmas break.

i highly recommend both books. oh, my girl got more books from hejinian’s ATELOS. the one i read tonight at the gym was Kit Robinson’s Crave. had never read Kit before, but really enjoyed this book.

i’ve also been indulging at nicholas manning’s blog and i ended up writing something quite silly. now i feel shame. deep scarring shame. but go there and see, his thoughts are engaging.

oh yeah, the connection is that here is a quote from Crave that reminded me of what nicholas talks about:

Where there are gaps
in the skein
content rushes in

To escape from its former
nothing is original

The stick is imprinted
like a native pattern
or integrated circuit

By the inside formation
of bark
bring it in


The name
leans way out
from the thing

Until the thing
tips over
onto the name

Uh oh!
another mess
to be cleaned up

Or not at all
what time did you
say it was?

from “Heart’s Desire” by Kit Robinson


let me know what you think of these vids: CRAZY SH!Te


4 thoughts on “

  1. Hmmmm, what was that ‘something silly’ ? I thought it was all perspicacious! And the Kit Robinson’s spot on. Context, referent, drowns us up and unto the world: ‘the stick is imprinted.’

    And wicked video art of a pretty achieved Abecedarian suite . . . Like Peter J. Shippy in the hood.

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  3. silly to talk about Flarf…tho rick snyder’s essay over at jacket 31 is quite careful (and GOOD!)…i think i shall order me some ultra allure pheromones!


  4. oh, just had time to finally sit down and enjoy the daily dose of music a la craig. mamamamamamamamamamamamama my lips are tingling just watching the guy rap, imagine what his lips feel like after all that ma-min’. amazing. and the alaphabet – good stuff.

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