no one guessed the title? hint: hey(not)you


i’ve got the grad school application blues…so took a break from the whole thing and instead had fun writing an essay i’ve been thinking about since the summer, since the whole riotous discussion which is archived here. my paper is more about Michael Magee than the discussion…but we’ll see how it turns out.

read kathy lou schultz’s Some Vague Wife, another Atelos publication. found it quite engaging, actually, tho a bit uneven in quality at parts. the following passage struck me cause this is kind of how i feel about my whole app:

[…] Pressure point, wrist, a throat left open. She is still asking herself where this body — her body — ought to be, where exactly to put it, so that it will cease to be a burder to her.

She is erecting a scaffolding which is temporarily necessary for her, a woods, a field of wheat, patience.


nicholas has another interesting post which i hope to respond to soon.


some tracks to get monday on the right


8 thoughts on “

  1. the hint does nothing for me, but I’d say the title references Brian Blanchfield’s Not Even Then.

  2. when you give hints, c.s., i take it as a sign to start hunting.

    and so. hay(na)ku. not even dogs. ernesto priego. i found him. first single-author collection of hay(na)ku. -says meritage press.

    gigitty. -says i.

  3. hi gina…i’ve never read Blanchfield…is Not Even Then GOOD? you get a point!!!!

    katy, i have read priego’s not even dogs…and you get the point also!!!

    new title up!

  4. The only thing I want to know, dear sir, is when the bloody hell are you going to finish HD?

  5. mephis! how i’ve missed you! will get an email out as soon as possible! and by the way, what an HD?


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