i wrote this blog a long time ago, a real long time ago

i need new shoes. and sunglasses. and some dress shirts for work. last christmas my mom got me the hardcover of the collected poems of eecummings (how nice is that!) i would love the collected books of jack spicer…


so i continue to take a break from the application…and have been quite inspired on writing the Magee essay. i have around 20 pages already (in 2 days!)(ive been outof sleeping pills) but alot of it is quotes and there is much revision needed and i still haven’t written what i consider will be the hard part.


so i’ve been reading leslie scalapino’s “R-hu” (yet another Atelos publication) and am enjoying it for the most part. when i read scalapino (i also have her selected poems) i find myself skimming more than reading. when i read the poems, i get bored. but when i skim, i can jump around and go backwards to fill in…there just seems to be so much empty space (maybe even negative space) in the prose itself (R-hu is prose).

I do like this passage however:

One had to hear the sounds not as words

Hearing the sounds, I couldn’t be ‘undoing’ my culture by an (my) interior experiencing of theirs. Pronounced is in a different order from that written.

It seemed to only be sound.


at the gym tonight, i watched dave chapelle on the actor’s studio…it was quite funny and they played his parody of R. Kelly…i’ve embedded the song below and another chapelle piece that i really like.

peace, cs-ta.


2 thoughts on “i wrote this blog a long time ago, a real long time ago

  1. Scalapino, hmm . . . then I bet the new blog title is “that they were at the beach – aeolotropic series” by the same.

    So, CP, what’s up? there should be dinner & wine & poetry again one of these days . . . and has your girlfriend stopped calling *everyone* or just me?

  2. you get the point! yeah, and we must do some dinner and wine…but alas it will probably be without the gf…for she leaves in 7 days and has to write her final paper for both classes before then! so the answer is everyone…including me!!!! but when it is my vacation, i’ll give you a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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