whoever can guess who said this quote, will get a point:

“Let me recite what history teaches. History teaches.”


and here are 2 songs to quench your thurst:


7 thoughts on “

  1. thinking of poets who might have said something like that about history… the first person to come to my mind is our lady gertrude, but i don’t actually know. i venture.

  2. I think you’re right Katy…It was Gertrude Stein.

    And love the videos…Haven’t seen either of them in forever!

  3. Oh…and the title game…is it “Aqui es Tijuana”? It’s the only thing I could think of…

  4. The quote is definitely Stein, from “if I told him: a completed portrait of Picasso” . . . I think it’s the last line of the portrait poem.

  5. fantastic. i remember reading ‘if i told him…’ but i had no idea it’d sunk in so deeply ^_^
    anyway, that’s such a stein sort of turn, i couldn’t imagine who else would have said it.

  6. stein is correct! katy gets the point and iseult gets a point for the poem reference!

    the title is “aqui es tijuana” but you still have to tell me the author’s name!!!

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