more good news: ELIMAE has accepted one of my poems from my newest full length MS called “the ghost of the harvest madonna.” i just finished sending out ALL the poems from it, but i have not yet determined the ordering of the poems in the book. maybe next summer.

today was also my last day of work!!!! i am officially on vacation and not going anywhere fun. tho i must admit, i am excited about the free time to finish up my new chapbook infamously called “afterthrall.” and of course, to finish up my Magee essay, which i’ll do this week!

when i went to the gym tonight, there was this weird chick who kept trying to talk to me…and it’s just a small apartment gym so i couldnt get away! so annoying.

i finished reading Scalapino’s “R-hu” (Atelos). i wasnt so taken by it, partly because most of it was a transcription-of-how-thoughts-move book, and that’s cool to me when the thoughts spark at interesting angles, or express a thought in a materially prosodic fashion, but neither of these things happened much.

the strangest thing was that the last section of the book was a disjunctive essay against Perloff’s criticism of Langpo. and altho scalapino took a few entertaining rhetorical sucker punches at Perloff, it was just so all over the place. and not even in the interestingly elliptical way that B. Guest does in Forces of the Imagination….i mean is it not possible to slow down one’s thoughts enough to actually express a slowed down thought? heehee, maybe i just said that because i am the slowest thinker.

me go afterthrallin’ now … peace


enjoy the song:


2 thoughts on “

  1. morning all, had to get up early to take the kitten to the vet.

    is the title a title or is it the first line to james joyce’s finnegans wake? could have been turned into a poem i suppose, but that’s all i know it from.

    “rivverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bed of bay…”

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