hello everyone!!! life is slowly getting to back to normal. work starts again on the 2nd, and girlfriend comes back on the 31. i hope everyone had wonderful holidays…tell me, what was your favorite present you received? i got a mini, temp controlled, 16 bottle wine cooler…

so i am a poetry editor for a new online journal started by a few folks i met in st.petersburg this past summer. please please submit some work for our inaugural issue coming out sometime in the new year…Here is the submission info…i look forward to reading your submissions…

Vibrant Gray is a journal dedicated to the in-between. Whether it’s in-between sex, politics, religion, or culture, we want the work that falls through the cracks. In a society that says that the world is black and white, this journal celebrates this world as gray.

Email all submissions (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) to editor@vibrantgray.com. Be sure to include the title of the piece and the genre in the subject line.



One thought on “

  1. The best gift this year
    Both daughters were well behaved and genuinely appreciative.
    It was wonderful…
    Happy new year to ya.

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