is this thing on?

my rice cooker is broke. and those of you who come from rice eating cultures know how traumatic this is. and who knew you can cook rice in a pot on the stove! i didnt until i was 20. i had also never seen snow until i was 20.

so my girlfriend came back from africa on new years eve at 1130 pm. so i went to the San Fran airport to pick her up, and we crossed the bay bridge right when the fireworks were going off. many people had stopped on the left lane, and were out of their cars watching the fireworks. it was quite incredible being that close, but then the cops came and everyone got back into their cars. but one whitebread PO liceman cut off my car and got out and starting yelling at me! he asked sarcastically, what i was doing. and i said, watching the fireworks like everyone else. then he said this was a freeway and not a parking lot. and i was like, i’m sorry but i was leaving (until you cut me off). and then he started cussing and got back in his car. he didnt feel the need to pull anyone else over though. needless to say, it was quite a show!

since then, i’ve been back to work and it’s been fun. i finished my review for the next galatea issue, and am almost done with a new review for another journal (if they accept it of course). part of the new review is about this poet, who if you dont know yet, you should check out.

besides that, i am almost almost done with my Magee essay. and am working on a new chapbook called “the constellations located along the ecliptic” – it is my first collection of just disparate poems…as much as i love the serial poem, i need a break.

there is always interesting discussion at THIS BLOG. does anyone know if there’s anything else exciting going on in blogland?

hope all are well! and what? no one guessed the blog title yet? okay, i put a new title up for you monkeys!

and here some songs that jenn likes:


3 thoughts on “is this thing on?

  1. jenn has great taste in music. i love the postal service *and* the shins. tell her i said thanks for the good morning music ^_^

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