i’ve been tagged by combo to share five little known things about me…i’ll try not to embarrass myself 😉

1) i have an uncontrollable jeans fetish…own about twenty pairs from various countries including prague, russia, italy, the u.s.

2) for 2 semesters during undergrad, i lived in a classroom…went so far as to move a fold out couch, easel, lamps, a coffee maker, and a dorm fridge into the classroom…no one minded cause the only professor who used the class taught chaos theory…and it was a small school so no one really knew about this classroom since it was kinda abandoned

3)on guam there are many cockroaches. as a baby i grabbed one and ate it because i thought it was chocolate. my mom saw the antennae sticking out of my mouth and tried to grad it but i refused to open my mouth because i thought it was chocolate

4) although i wrote my undergrad thesis on Dostoevsky (and one of my fave classes was on Joyce), i have not read a novel in about 3 years.

5) i havent paid for a haircut in 11 years (which only partially explains the bandanna 😉

i tag: len, katy, francois, seth, kari, and nicholas

note: i also unabashedly like this song


6 thoughts on “

  1. other little known fact: craig has a crush on rachel weiss and has been known to watch (and secretly enjoy) films starring Jennifer Lopez…

  2. The jennifer lopez bit isn’t a surprise! I seem to remember him watching her videos with rapt attention;)

  3. Okay…since I’ve been tagged!

    1. when i was a little girl, i had a very active imagination. i use to be convinced that i was an indian named rivers, that i was black, that i was adopted, that there was a secret passage in my house and, at one time, i was even a parapelegic. i would scoot around the house on my ass, backwards, dragging myself with my hands while my feet and legs were ‘useless’ in front of me.

    2. i often have premonition dreams, or at least i guess that’s what they could be called. more often than not, if i dream something, it happens. so when i dream about someone i love getting hurt, the first thing i do when i wake up is call them to make sure they’re okay.

    3. i have an addiction to eyeshadow…mac eyeshadow. i spend so much time at the mac counter that, when we walk into the mall, jordan will yell ‘make-up’ and run straight to the counter.

    4. i played basketball for the majority of my childhood…from the time i was 6 until i graduated from high school. i use to think that i could dribble a ball before i could walk. but i haven’t touched a ball or stepped on the court in years. the game lost its fun when it became more than a game.

    5. when i’m trying to take mind of off something, i will read cheesy fiction novels from the b & n clearance racks. they suck and they’re horrible but they help me relax for a little while. these books are usually read while taking a hot bath!

    so there you have it mr. craig d. perez. except you probably knew some of this already;)

  4. jenn and kari, that’s quite enough out of you two!

    and thanks for responding everyone, i’ve learned WAY too much about you 😉

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