happy sunday! thanks to those who responded to the meme…you’all are an odd bunch that’s for sure.

i cant believe this month is almost over! i havent had enough free moments to blog as much as i would like, yet alone to reflect on 2006 and make my resolutions for 2007, yet alone to drop hints for the blog title which i cant believe has lasted this long!

the best 07 resolution i’ve heard so far is: “to show more cleavage.” if only this was as popular a resolution as exercise and eat healthy, america would be a much more bustling nation.

will you tell me one of your resolutions please?

thinking of 06, i still cant believe i finished the MFA and all i got was an unpublishable manuscript 😉 my resolution this year is to convince someone to publish the MS (a few opps are a-brewin, so we’ll see what happens).

it’s been crazy around here also because i started so many small projects towards the end of 06, that this month has been spent trying to put them to bed (is that the right expression?) mostly chapbooks and reviews and a pesky essay. and i’ve been spending a lot of time sending out submissions…so far for 2007, 2 acceptances and 2 rejections. not bad i suppose…at least the score is close for now 😉

oh hey, check me out HERE. scroll all the way down, i am the inarticulate one.

and some songs for you sundayers



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