my comma’s momma

one of my third graders confidently informed me that an ‘apostrophe’ is the mommy of a ‘comma’ (the comma’s momma).

another third grader tentatively asked me ‘does going to a psychologist really calm you down?’

a third grade boy, after hearing about what happens when a girl black widow ‘marries’ a boy black widow, alarmingly shouted ‘i’m never getting married!’



Canessa Park Poetry Presents
on Sunday, 28 January at 3PM

Craig Perez


Stephen Hemenway

** a bring your own reliquary event
blessing of the bone chip relic of
Antonin Artaud**

hosted by Tiff Dressen
at the Canessa Gallery
708 Montgomery, San Francisco

Craig Perez was born and raised on the Pacific island
of Guahan (Guam), and has now lived in California for
11 years. He received his BA in Art History and
Literature from the Johnston Center of Integrative
Studies, and his MFA from the University of San
Francisco. His poetry has appeared, or is forthcoming,
in Tinfish, Traffic, Quercus, The Redlands Review, and
Watchword, and his reviews have appeared in Jacket,
Raintaxi, Galatea Resurrects, and Slope. He is
co-founder of Achiote Press, and is currently a poetry
editor for 2 online journals, Switchback and Vibrant

After moving from city to city six times before the
eighth grade, Stephen Hemenway has lived and worked
most of his adult life in San Francisco, where in 2005
he received his MFA in Poetry from San Francisco State
University. His poems have appeared in a few literary
journals. He has a small, new book of poetry, _Fold
Books_, out from Battery Street Press. When he’s not
writing or working on Battery Street Press, he’s
freelancing or cooking dinner or listening to music or
reading or watching movies or vegetable gardening or
reading about gardening or watching movies about music
or just generally hanging out, with or without


current submission tracker for JAN 07:

3 acceptances, 6 rejections

(just found out will have some poems in SYNTAX)


finally, a little something for your fri:


3 thoughts on “my comma’s momma

  1. Yo!!
    You’re going to be reading with Hemingway? I’m there. I love his poetry AND prose.

    So I’m glad to know that your writing output wasn’t encumbered at ALL this year by any fears of your team making it to the playoffs. How calming and writerly that must have been for you. The poetry world should thank the black and silver.

    Yo, so could you actually find a break between bart trains long enough to concentrate on a whole page of writing out on your deck?

    Didn’t think so.

    Give me back my coffee-stained writing!!


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