new poem is live

after finishing my mfa in sept, my goal has been to consistently submit work each month and hopefully get lucky here and there. altho responses were slow at first, this month i have received 15 responses (5 acceptances, 10 rejections)! doesnt sound too good, but i am just really glad to hear back from places. the newest acceptance i just learned today is at RUMBLE, a zine of flash/micro fiction. it is a section from my series “the ghost of the harvest madonna”….another piece from this series is on ELIMAE. hope you enjoy.


2 thoughts on “new poem is live

  1. Craig, 5 out of 15 (33%) is a FABULOUS ratio…

    Seriously. It is good to send out a certain amount of stuff per month. If you dig publishing your work, that is. I usually work on sending stuff out when I can’t write. Which is like most of the time anyway…

  2. hey mark, well im glad to know that is a good ratio. yeah, i really have to force myself to submit, or else i would spend ALL my time writing…which would be great, but im not getting any younger 😉 just trying to find a good balance between writing and submitting…

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