click the image. it is the first paragraph of a master’s thesis written by a very famous fiction writer. if you can guess who the author is, you get 5 points! and someone PLEASE guess the title of this blog so i can change it! peace

4 thoughts on “

  1. craig, i clicked, and the title of the image gave me the answer: toni morrison. i could never have guessed simply from the content. is this cheating?

  2. hey gladys! no it’s not cheating! i thought i saved it as a different name…oh well…the point is, how surprising that toni morrison wrote her thesis on faulkner and woolf…

    her first sentence is quite terrible, but an interesting read nonetheless.

  3. Oh I get it (I think)! It’s from Denise Levertov (O Taste and See). I couldn’t work out for days what this damn thing reminded me of (you torturer Craig!). Then a friend told me it was a quote from one of the psalms (the beginning of 34, for anyone interested) and then the word ‘Levertov’ just slotted into place.


    That is, if I’m right!

  4. yay!!! you get 3 points for guessing since it seemed to stump all others πŸ˜‰ i work with kids and i’ve convinced them my last name is Torchure, so they all call me Mr. Torchure πŸ˜‰ and thanks for the psalm reference (I never knew!)


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