not only is today my birthday

but i just found out i got into UC berkeley’s Phd program in Ethnic Studies!!!! happy birthday to me!!!!

and if you’re wondering why i would even want to do more school, this song will give you a hint:


8 thoughts on “not only is today my birthday

  1. Congrats and happy birthday, Craig. Title is “Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee,” by Dee Brown.

  2. dang, that is some birthday present. congrats!!! but, um, i don’t get the hint in “ride wit me” — surely, it can’t be for “the money”?

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! It’s early for you to be finding out; you must be one of their top picks 🙂


    and francois and jessica get a point!!!!

    and gladys, hee hee im gonna be SOOOO broke i’ll have to cancel all my wine club memberships 😉

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