thanks everyone for your bday wishes! a tiring day at work once the kids found out it was my bday i could not get them to focus. “teachers dont have birthdays!” “just because it’s your birthday dont think that you can torture us!” or, my favorite “for your birthday, why dont you give us no homework!”


a friend of mine in Ethnic Studies is taking a class called “Race, Space, and Govermentality”…the joke she told me is: if Hillary Clinton gets elected president, the class would be renamed: “Race, Space, and Govermenstruality”


i think this is a happy song? i heard it once:

3 thoughts on “

  1. I used to have hair like that

    and belated happy birthday

    so if you get a doctorates in ethnic studies, does that mean you get a better job at McDonalds?

  2. hey, belated hoppy birthday! congrats on the terrific poem in elimae and also the phd program — woohoooooo! sounds exciting.

    “govermenstruality” is a riot. i might have to borrow that 🙂


    p.s. thanks for dropping by my blog. i’ve added you to my links.

  3. thanks for stopping by arlene, i will also add you as soon as i build up enough courage to venture into the inferno that is blogger template. and thanks for the bday wishes!

    hi ozy, thanks also! …i can only hope a doctorate will help my career in this fast food nation. but only anglodamus knows what my future will hold 😉

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