back from NYC

just returned today from NYC, and i had a wonderful time! altho we forgot our digital camera, we bought a disposable camera and so i will post some pics when i scan the prints. one of the highlights is that we saw a play called The Vertical Hour, starring Julianne Moore and Bill Nighy, directed by Sam Mendes. i loved Moore in Magnolia, and really loved NIghy in Love Actually. The Vertical Hour was a fantastic and provocative play. and apparently the phrase “The Vertical Hour” means: “In combat medicine, there’s this moment … after a disaster, after a shooting — there’s this moment, the vertical hour, when you can actually be of some use.” the play explores the US’s role in Iraq in an innovative way.

after, i waited for the cast to exit, and Julianne Moore signed my playbill and i got a picture with her! she even wished me happy birthday! i was quite starstruck (she’s quite a hottie). anyways, will blog more as soon as i recover from jetlag.


oh yes, kari gets a point for guessing the title, and barbara gets a point for guessing the author



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