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  1. concerning Oswald de Andrade:

    just stumbled on your translation-in-progress of Manifesto Pau-Brasil – i’ve been working on it, too, along with a number of other texts by OA, like the Anthropophagite Manifesto (which is amazing – i’ll send it to you, if you’d like), some poems, political interventions, etc.

    maybe we can help each other finish our translations/notes? i’ve been putting off looking up a bunch of stuff that you’ve already dealt with very well, and if it’s OK, i’d like to use your notes to make my own

    in return, i can supply you with some info, like the meaning of gabinetismo, what OA really means by borrachas sopradas, for example – i’ll be asking my BR poet friends for help with my translation very soon and will gladly share everything with you

    “cabralino” is definitely an adjective from Pedro Álvares Cabral – i use “cabraline” – “cabraline blue”…

    “eruditamos” is a neologism (or, at least, eruditar isn’t in the big Houaiss dictionary)- “we eruditize ourselves”, “make ourselves learned” or something like that, but i really like your idea of “we academicize”, so i’m gonna steal it

    if you’d like to get in touch, my email is

    chris daniels

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