my girlfriend has a story live at OUR STORIES: an online journal. go check it out. Her story is called On Earth as it is in Heaven.


more interesting links: on ASEMIC writing and some interesting works at AVANCE in relation


am still sick. spent sunday at the emergency room and will probably miss work this week (which sucks cause i’m hourly). appetite is coming back a little, but still can barely swallow. ugh. just been in bed all day watching movies…cant really concentrate enough to get any work / reading done.

so i finally watched the DEPARTED last night on video. have to admit, it was one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. nicholson and di caprio were great, but the other actors were so unconvincing. and the writing was horrendous – it felt like it was written by a frat boy in Screenwriting 1 who watched too much Tarantino. and altho i enjoy watching white people killing each other as much as the next person, the kill-everyone-in-the-end device is so cliche.

i’m curious what other folks thought of the movie?



3 thoughts on “brimful

  1. I don’t watch very many U.S. movies, but I have a soft spot for Scorsese. And I admit, reading Ron’s post about The Departed did get me interested, especially as it seems to be a remake of the great Hong Kong film, Inferal Affairs. Ron saw both and said he preferred the Scorsese, but you and Kasey (who also seemed unimpressed) have me wondering.

    I seriously doubt it could be as good as Infernal Affairs–or, to be precise, the Infernal Affairs series (I, II, and III), but I still have a hankering to see it. It could be a while, though. I’ll let you know when I finally do catch it!

  2. do let me know…and i like scorsese also, and i like the scorsese / Di Caprio team, esp after watching Gangs of New York, which i thought was quite brillliant all the way through.

    as far as ron’s post, he seems much more interested in form (the directing, acting, and editing) and not the writing (which doesnt surprise me considering his own work). i agree that the form of the movie was tight, it was the juvenile writing that i had a problem with.

    anyways, thanks for commenting!

  3. I watched the film the same night it won the oscar for best picute. WTF? Best picture? This must have been a posthumus award…

    As for Gangs of New York, there was a film in which everyone should have died…

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