just barely


i received my fellowship offer from Berkeley, and it is very generous. i dont have to teach for the first two years, which i am very thankful for because then i will be able to focus on the discipline without worrying about grading, etc. whew —


i am beginning to feel better, actually out of bed and just barely able to concentrate long enough to read / write / review. as far as the poetry front goes, the month of FEB was the first time ever i received more acceptances than rejections (5-4) just barely! JAN was 5-10. so far this month i’ve fallen behind quickly 1-2.


i dont get the whole “neo-benshi” appeal. Linh Dinh seems interested in it, but it seems like a bad joke to me…or at least the way i feel when someone annoying tries to narrate a movie they’ve seen way too many times, while im trying to watch a movie for the first time. maybe people here can tell me what’s so great about it.


now, i enjoy listening to white people rant against white institutions as much as the next person, BUT THIS is a bit much:

“Because the academic machine that’s been transforming poetry into some kind of sick American Idol competition (contests! fellowships! awards! yay!) is something to stand opposed to, even at the risk of seeming like a fool, as I often do.”

2 thoughts on “just barely

  1. hi craig, glad you’re feeling better, and congrats on the fellowship! hope the good feelings will help speed along the recovery.

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