yay, good news. received an acceptance today from a journal i really dig, and an editor that i really respect. not only that, there is the possibility that my poem will be paired with some artwork. i dont know what the artwork is like, but it sounds really exciting. (so that leaves my monthly tally to 3 acceptances and 3 rejections.)


besides that, i am back to work…finally feeling better with just 2 more days left of antibiotics. i am so behind on my grading and have spent the last few days trying to catch up. hopefully by wednesday i will be back on pace.


it’s been fun reading everyone’s experiences at AWP…maybe someday i will be able to attend and see what all the hoohaw is about. do you recommend the whole AWP experience?


as you know, i am working on some translations. i am wondering if anyone knows any online / print journals that specifically focus on translation. So far i know of Cipher, Calque, and Circumference…but am looking for other places to submit some work to. please let me know in the comments.



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  1. ah, congratulations on that acceptance, craig 🙂 happy to hear of it…

    re: translation journals, i think there is one called ‘two rivers’ or something? if i think of any others, i will pass the info along.

  2. congratulations!

    re: the awp, wait till it’s close to you so that you don’t spend a lot of money to go. personally i thought there was not much to it. but maybe it’s good to go once so you know you’re not missing out.

  3. good advice, jessica, thanks. i wonder where the next AWP is…

    and nicholas gets the point!

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