now i enjoy listening to white people complain about AWP as much as the next person, but has anyone read the drama over at this blog, especially the comment stream! crazy

the way i feel about that and much of the surrounding discussions was expressed nicely by gertrude stein after she met pound:

“Met Ezra Pound. Didn’t much like him. Found him to be the village explainer. Very useful if you happen to be a village; if not, not.”


got an acceptance and rejection today, which leaves this month at A=4, R=4. that’s practically one response a day…crazy


today, one of my second graders randomly mentioned that “carpet” is not a compound word.

have a nice friday!



One thought on “

  1. carpet is one of my favorite words to demonsrate the boston accent.

    my dad used to install carpet.

    my dad usta install cApet.


    true story!! my dad did usta install cApet when i was little.

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